Industrial Packing Products

M/s Lignum Industrial Packers Pvt Ltd., specialize in cost-effective packaging solutions such as Wooden boxes, Plywood Boxes, On-site and off-site Packaging and Metal Goods Manufacturing for a wide variety of industrial market segments, our services are across India.

Lignum Industrial Packers provide a wide range of packaging products. We are into manufacturing and supplying of wooden boxes, plywood boxes, plywood packing boxes, wooden packing boxes, wooden crates, plywood crates, wooden packing crates, plywood pallet, wooden pallet, pallet collars, On-site and Off-site Packaging, and more... Our products undergo chemical fumigation to ensure protection from physical or environmental factors. We specialize in customized heavy machinery packaging and are experts in wooden packaging products that are sent in overseas shipments.

Our Products


Wooden Boxes

    Silver Wood Boxes

    Pine Wood Boxes

    Timber Wood Boxes

    Plywood Boxes

We make our wooden boxes in different sizes and color finishing catering the growing demands of the industry. The sealing of wooden box is made using fasteners, adhesive tapes and ropes. Different types of fasteners like nuts, bolts, screws are used for closing the open surfaces of the wooden packaging boxes.




        Silver Wood Pallets 

       Plywood Pallets

       Pine Wood Pallets

       Timber Wood Pallets

       4 Way Wooden Pallets

       2 Way Wooden Pallets 


Wooden Crates

        Timber Crates

       Wooden Crates

       Silver Wood Crates

       Pinewood Crates

       Plywood Crates

       Shipping Crates

       Export Crates



We specialize in domestic and export quality heavy industry machinery packaging. We also provide on-site packaging services to our clients. With our different range of world class products, dedicated team, and our company's expertise, we provide our clients a complete solution regarding wooden packaging.

Along with high quality packaging products, we also provides world-class wooden packaging services to their clients, such as: Creating designs for customized



Packaging - In order to provide best solutions for packing goods, we create customized designs to our clients.

Fumigation Services - To ensure the wooden packaging products are termite and fungus free, we offer wide array for fumigation services

In-House Packaging and On-site Packaging - We offer our clients in-house as well as on-site packaging services as per their needs.

Usage of Aluminum Foil Covers - For sea-worthy packing, we use aluminum foil covers for additional protection of the goods

Vacuuming Process - After adding cover on the goods, this process removes air from the packed goods, ensuring no chance of moisture entering the packed goods.

We are one of the growing organizations offering Wooden Boxes, Wooden Pallets, Crates, Wooden Wheels, PP Strapping Roll, Wire Nails, Coil Nails, Coil Nails, MS Strap, Air Pouches, MS Hinges, Seaworthy Export Packaging, Foldable Plywood Boxes, BOPP Tapes, VCI Cover Bag, Silica Gel, Stretch Film, HDPE Roll, Bubble Wrap Rolls Etc.