We are among the most promising Manufacturers of Pallets Collars, ISPM15 Chemical Fumigation Wooden Pallets, 4 Way Wooden Pallets, 2 Way Wooden Pallets, Plywood Pallets, Euro Pallets, and Plywood Boxes in the country.

* Plywood Pallets

* Wooden pallets

* Export Wooden Pallets

· Double Deck Four Way Non Reversible Pallet

· Double Deck Four Way Reversible (Perimeter Base) Pallet

· Double Deck Two Way Reversible Pallet

· Double Deck Two Way Non Reversible Pallet

· Double Deck Two Way Reversible (Wing Type) Pallet

· Single Deck Two way (Wing Type) Pallet


 ISPM15 Chemical Fumigation Treated Wooden Pallets

Our ISPM15 Chemical Fumigation Treated Wooden Pallets are excellent for the strength, dryness and sanitation and will always surpass your expectation from pallets for prices as well.  Our ISPM15 Chemical Fumigation wooden Pallets are very rigid, durable and can be easily reused as well because of the long life of these pallets